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Terms of Use

 This website is managed and operated by Eurofins GeneticLab Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called " Eurofins GeneticLab ")

1. Copyrights and trademarks

 All rights including copyrights and trademarks in contents, information, design, layout, logos and trademarks on this website belong to the right holders who have authorized Eurofins GeneticLab to use them. You are allowed to use this website as long as you do not infringe these copyrights.

2. Website operation

 Eurofins GeneticLab reserves the right to change or delete the information on the website and to suspend or terminate the operation of the website at any time with its own decision.

3. Links to this website

 If you desire to have links to this website, please contact Eurofins GeneticLab and apply for permission prior to making links.

4. Linked websites

 Websites that link to this website, besides Eurofins GeneticLab's, are operated and managed independently under their responsibilities. Eurofins GeneticLab will not warrant nor be responsible for any contents in such linked websites at all.

5. Responsibilities

 We Eurofins GeneticLab will not warrant nor be responsible at all for information appeared in this website including truth, accuracy and safety (free from harmful matters such as computer virus) of contents, even no infringement of any rights of the third parties. Please understand that you carry all responsibilities by yourself when you utilize this website.